Here are September 2020 CPA CFE Cases for Download

Update: Please see the new blog posts with September 2021, May 2022 and September 2022 exam case download links:

CPA Canada released the September 202

0 CFE exam cases (without solutions) in November 2020. These are the original exam cases for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. You can download the copies below.

September 2020 CFE Day 1:

September 2020 CFE Day 2:

September 2020 CFE Day 3:

  • Download PDF here, includes all three cases:
    • Jump Inc.
    • Festival Inc.
    • Dreamy Donuts Co.

How do I prepare for the CFE?

There are several steps to preparing for the CFE. Generally, these 10 steps are necessary in your strategy:

  1. Create a study plan
  2. Find a study location
  3. Find a study partner
  4. Obtain study materials (through Capstone 2 or through a prep program)
  5. Learn technicals
  6. Understand case writing
  7. Study and practice Day 1 cases
  8. Practice Day 2 cases
  9. Practice Day 3 cases
  10. Final Review

Pass the CPA Canada CFE Exam

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CFE Review by Gevorg CPA