May 2022 CPA CFE Cases and Answers (Download)

Update: Please see this post for September 2022 CFE exam cases download: September 2022 CFE download

Similar to prior Common Final Exams (CFEs), the May 2022 CFE had Day 1, 2 and 3 cases.

The following Day 1 cases were tested:

  • Creative Toys Inc. (CTI) v1 (Download)

The following Day 2 and Day 3 cases were tested in May 2022 CFE:

  • Day 2 (Download)
    • Solitary Publishing House (SPH)  (300 minutes)
  • Day 3 (Download)
    • Intelligent House Construction Inc. (IHC) (75 minutes)
    • Agro-Share Inc. (ASI) (85 minutes)
    • Waste to Chemicals Inc. (W2C) (80 minutes)

For the September 2022 CFE, the following Day 1 cases will be tested:

  • Waste Disposal Inc. case (WDI) v3
  • CanDo Fitness (CFL) v1

Where can I get the solutions?

I have written strong answers to May 2022 CFE cases. You can get from here

The “official” solutions will be released in Feb. 2023, per CPA Canada’s announcement. Note that this doesn’t include the Creative Toys Inc. (CTI) v1 case, which will be officially released in 2024. We currently have only the sample strong answer to CTI v1, which I’ve prepared and made available here.

Will I get these cases in Capstone 2?

If you are registered for the Capstone 2 module for Summer 2022, you will NOT receive these cases at the module. You should download using the links above. If you are someone challenging the exam, such as an internationally trained accountant applying under MRA/MOU, please also download using the links above.

How do I prepare for the CFE?

There are several prep methods for the CFE. You will need to focus on these three items:

  1. Technical knowledge
  2. Case writing skills
  3. Strategy

I speak a lot about these items on my YouTube channel and webinars. You can check out my latest webinar.


  • Know the key topics on each of the competencies
  • Distinguish depth from breadth
  • Debrief

Case writing skills:

  • It’s all about following the CPA Way
  • Know your case inside out
  • Integrate throughout the case


  • Prepare a study plan
  • Obtain study materials
  • Get support and resources

Pass the CPA Canada CFE Exam

I’m Gevorg. I’m an instructor and a CPA exam coach. If you want coaching with me, sign up for my CPA CFE Review Course, for a comprehensive prep package.

CFE Review by Gevorg CPA