CPA Core 2 Practice Cases, MCQs & Solutions

Includes seventy-five (75) multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with solutions and six (6) mock exam practice cases with solutions for the CPA PEP Core 2 module. Our Core 2 MCQs and cases cover Assessment Opportunities (AOs) that are typically not present in the CPA Canada's Core 2 module, but can be tested on the module exam. Some of the AOs include: DAIS, special order analysis, buy vs. lease decision, activity-based costing (ABC), business environment evaluation, transfer pricing, responsibility centres, contribution margin with constrained resource, profitability calculation, NPV with tax implications, financing sources, break-even analysis, variance analysis and so on. These are original Gevorg, CPA materials not offered in CPA Canada's Core 2 module. This is a single user license available for immediate download.

(Note: This product is included with Core 2 Lessons course.)