5 Free CPA Exam Resources

Majority of candidates writing the CPA exams look for supplemental resources. The materials provided by CPA Canada are abundant, but understanding the tough technicals and building a solid exam strategy is challenging.  Some seek mentors, study partners and the majority sign up for a a prep or a coaching program. Here are 5 free supplemental resources that you can use to prepare for your exam:

1. Reddit

Reddit’s r/Accounting is a community of accountants who actively discuss their school and career lives. You can use this resource to ask help with exam questions and discuss exam strategies. Head over to the sub-Reddit, search your question or make a new post. If you make a new post, make sure to use [CAN] tags, as both US and Canadian accountants post there.

2. YouTube

Filled with technical videos and exam reviews, YouTube is a great resource to prepare for the CPA exams. My YouTube channel regularly publishes videos and webinars tailored for CPA students. Search for exam strategies and technical problems to better understand the concepts you’re struggling with.

3. CPA Canada website

CPA Canada has Certification Resource Centre (CRC) with mock exams, exam reference schedules, and CFE reports. Use it to understand the exam structure and practise past exams.

4. Study partner portal

CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) has a Peer Study portals that lets you connect with a study buddy. Use it to connect with a like-minded peer to share resources and mark each others’ cases.

5. HTKAcademy

HTKAcademy is a website with free CPA study notes. I find HTK’s notes to be easy to read and tailored towards the CPA exam writers. Head over there and look up ASPE or IFRS standards that you find difficult to understand.

More resources

For extra exam resources and tutoring, check out my CPA PEP, CFE and PERT courses. I cover case writing skills, technicals, exam strategies, PERT reporting and more. Preview free lessons here.

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