Your Support Options with CPA Canada PEP and CFE

CPA Canada exams are grueling and require hours of dedicated study and practice. At some point, you may feel that you need supplemental support. Here are your options.

Option #1: One-on-one CPA tutor

You can hire a CPA tutor to sit down with you, act as your coach and provide one-on-one help. Tutors usually don’t have supplemental cases, they use CPA Canada’s cases and answer your questions. You pay per hour and the usual fees are $60-$100/hr (depending on experience).

Option #2: Case marking

You can hire someone mark your cases and pinpoint the areas to work on. The difference with this option is that you don’t have live sessions with someone, the feedback is done on paper, similar to CPA facilitators. You pay per marked case and the fee is usually $40-$80 (depending on case length).

Option #3: Supplemental cases, practice drills

You can get supplementary materials such as extra cases, drills, technical notes. With this option, you would study independently using the materials. The prices vary greatly depending on the type of material you purchase.

Option #4: Coaching program

You can sign up for a coaching program. The great thing about a CPA coaching program is that it’s an amalgamation of above support sources: You receive the live coaching, supplementary materials, and case marking.

Which one is best for you? It depends on your circumstances and your budget. If you failed your exam twice, I highly recommend hiring a one-on-one tutor or signing up for a coaching program. These resources will help you find where you’re going wrong and help you correct and improve it.  If you are taking your module for the first time, you may want to purchase supplemental materials and study independently. After a few weeks, if you feel that you’re struggling, consider upgrading to the other options.

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