How to Download Survival Guides for CPA Canada PEP Modules

  • Update: The Survival Guides have been replaced by PEP Syllabus. Please see this updated post.

The CPA Canada Survival Guides are an excellent resource to keep track of eBook readings, assignments, deadlines and deliverables. It’s a good idea to download and print them before your module starts, so that you complete your readings in advance.

Here are the steps to download the survival guide for any module:

Step 1: Access D2L

Go to CPA Canada’s learning D2L platform:

Step 2: Click on Introduction to PEP course

You’ll see the courses you’re registered in the home page. Click on “Introduction to PEP”

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom until you see Survival Guides

Go to the bottom of the page until you see Survival Guides:






Now you can download and save the latest survival guides!

Questions or concerns? Contact me for help: