CPA Core 1 Practice Cases and Solutions

It’s no secret that Core 1 is one of the most challenging modules in the CPA Canada’s PEP program. In fact, it has the highest failure rate among all modules. The main reasons are:

  1. Self-lead studies
  2. Wide range of topics
  3. Time constrained exam
  4. Challenging cases

Like with all problems, adopting a proper strategy and plan will help you win:

  1. Create a study plan for Core 1
  2. Focus on the blueprint, not the competency map
  3. Study in advance
  4. Practice case writing

Just write more cases

The majority of candidates who don’t pass Core 1 struggle with the case portion. You will face several Financial Reporting (FR) AOs mixed with one or more competencies (Assurance, Tax, Finance). You can guess on MCQs, but you can’t guess your way out of a case.

The solution is to write as many cases as possible. With every case attempt, you learn a new scenario, a new approach, and improve your case writing skills (speed, formatting, time management).

CPA Canada provides eight (8) cases in Core 1. These are helpful but at times they are repetitive. Most candidates who took Core 1 say that the exam was different than the practice cases, especially the AOs. You will want to get more cases and practice more.

Where can you get more Core 1 cases?

I provide six (6) original CPA Core 1 cases that are representative of the exam, in both format and content. They cover a range of AOs, including:

  • Revenue recognition (IFRS 15, ASPE 3400)
  • Leases (IFRS 16)
  • Liabilities
  • Government assistance
  • NPO
  • PP&E and betterment
  • Onerous contract
  • Taxes payable
  • Special engagements

Head over to the cases section of my website to learn more. Most of the above topics are not covered in the Core 1 module, but they come up on the exam over and over.¬† If you have any questions¬† or need additional help, I’m here for email support.

Core 1 Practice cases and Solutions

Preview and purchase the supplementary mock exam cases to improve your case writing skills and take on the challenging Core 1.