Writing CPA Canada Practical Experience Requirements (PERT) – Technicals

I often receive a question from a CPA candidate in the EVR route on how to write the technical section of the PERT.

Here are general guidelines:

  • Write experience for Financial Reporting (FR), Management Accounting (MA), Finance, and Strategy and Governance (S&G) (skip Assurance and Tax unless you’re in public practice)
  • Write 2-3 examples for each sub-competency
  • Make each example at least 1/2 page long (in Word)
  • Follow CARL format (challenge, action, result, lesson learned)
  • Think of it like writing a case: What is the issue? How did you analyze it? What’s the recommendation?
  • Have titles for each section and give lots of details.

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7 Tips to write the PER report


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