What is Decile Ranking in CPA Canada PEP and CFE Results?

In this post, I’ll discuss what is decile ranking, in both CPA Canada PEP and CFE results.

What is Decile Ranking?

Decile ranking is a statistical measure that tells writers who failed how close they were from passing. For example, decile 1-3 means they were close to passing, while decile 8-10 means they were far. Decile ranking is meant to help you decide whether you should appeal your results. Decile ranking shows ONLY if you failed. If you see N/A, it means you Passed or Marginally Passed.  

CPA Canada PEP  (Core 1, Core 2, electives) – Decile Ranking

In PEP exam results, you’ll receive a transcript that shows your result: “Pass with Distinction”, “Pass”, “Marginal Pass” or “Fail” (note: Marginal Pass is as good as a Pass). For example, here’s a transcript of a writer who did not pass:














The decile ranking will show only if you failed. If you passed, it will not show, and you don’t have to worry about it (it’s irrelevant to you if you passed).

In the above example, the student did not pass which is why they see a decile ranking. Their decile ranking is 7. This means they were far from passing, so they should not appeal the results. Decile ranking closer to 0 (such as 1-3) means a student was close to passing so it may be worth appealing.

For a detailed post on how to read your CPA PEP exam transcript and what to do if you failed, please see this post on PEP results.

CPA Canada CFE– Decile Ranking

Similar to PEP exam, CFE results will show the decile ranking ONLY if you failed.  CFE results are more complex, with several levels to pass. Please see this detailed post to learn how decile ranking works in CFE results.