How to Get CPA Canada Capstone 2 Materials?

If you’re a student re-writing the Day 1 exam, you have taken Capstone 2 long time ago,  or you’re an internationally trained accountant who opted not to take Capstone 2, then you will be missing the new feedback guides and the three Day 1 practice cases from Capstone 2.

However, you don’t need to enroll into the full Capstone 2 module to get those. Instead, you can purchase the Capstone 2 review materials separately.

1. How do I get Capstone 2 materials?

Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Contact your local CPA body

Send an email to your local CPA school and request the Capstone 2 review materials. For example, for CPA Ontario, the email is:

Step 2: Pay the fee

As per CPA Ontario’s website, the fee is currently $250 + HST.

Step 3: Get the materials

They will provide you the new Capstone 2 materials, including the missing Day 1 practice cases (3 versions) and the new feedback guides.

Step 4: Study

Use the feedback guides to understand the CFE case marking scheme.

2. Are there more practice versions for Day 1?

In addition to the three from Capstone 2, you can get supplemental Day 1 exam practice versions. You can also get sample answers to prior year’s versions for extra practice (available if the Day 1 case was previously tested).