CPA Canada CFE Day 1 Amuzu Parks Inc. (API) Mock Exam Case

The Capstone 1 Amuzu Parks Inc. (API) case will be tested in September 2024 Common Final Exams (CFE) on Day 1. The original Capstone 1 case will be made available to candidates enrolled in Capstone 1 and released publicly later by CPA Canada.

How do I prepare for API case for the CFE Day 1?

On CFE Day 1, you will be presented with the same API case and you will be required to analyze and answer new strategic and operational issues.

Follow these strategies:

  • Step 1: Study the Capstone 1 original case well: It’s important that you know the Capstone 1 case inside-out. You will encounter the same users and similar industry challenges. I suggest making notes of the following key situational analysis factors:
    • Users
    • Mission, vision and values
    • Key success factors (KSF)
    • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
    • Board objectives
    • Quantitative analysis
  • Step 2: Know the Capstone 1 strategic issues: In Capstone 1, API was facing 4 major strategic issues and several minor issues. In the Day 1 CFE exam, you’ll get 3-5 new strategic issues.
  • Step 3: Make note of the timeline: CFE Day 1 case is several years in the future and there are new issues to analyze. It helps to stay organized by creating a timeline of events as you are reading the case.
  • Step 4: Understand key stakeholder preferences: API case has several users who have opposing views. It’s important that you understand these user preferences as these will repeat in the CFE Day 1.

I strongly recommend practicing with supplemental mock exam cases. In Capstone 2, you will get 3 practice versions of the API case. However, most writers find that this is not enough and feel unprepared.

Where can I get extra API mock exam cases?

I will release one (1) original Amuzu Parks Inc. (API) supplemental mock exam practice case to help you better prepare for the CFE Day 1. The mock exam case will be a realistic simulation of what you may get on your exam and cover typical AOs that you may find in your Day 1. The package will include the API mock exam case, marking guide and the solution.

When its ready, head over to the cases section of my website for a free preview.