May and September CFE Day 1 Cases

 You can choose from the following cases for Day 1 of the CFE:

September 2021 CFE:

  • Waste Disposal Incorporated (WDI) v2
  • Distinct Hotels Corporation (DHC) v3

May 2022 CFE:

  • Creative Toys Incorporated (CTI) v1

September 2022 CFE:

  • Waste Disposal Incorporated (WDI) v3
  • CanDo Fitness (CDF) v1

Which case should I write?

If you are a repeat writer from the September 2020 CFE, from Ontario and Quebec regions, you will re-write the Distinct Hotels Corporation (DHC) v3 case in the September 2021 CFE.

If you are a new writer in 2021, then you will write the case that you learned in Capstone 1, which is Waste Disposal Inc (WDI)-v2 for September 2021.

If you are a new writer attempting the CFE in May 2022, you will write the Creative Toys Incorporated case (CTI) v1 . If you are a new writer attempting the CFE in September 2022, you will write the CanDo Fitness case (CDF) v1.

Before writing the Day 1 case in the coming CFE, make sure you practice with mock exam cases and are well-prepared.

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