May and September 2022 CFE Day 1 Cases

 You can choose from the following cases for Day 1 of the CFE:

May 2022 CFE:

  • Creative Toys Incorporated (CTI) v1

September 2022 CFE:

  • Waste Disposal Incorporated (WDI) v3
  • CanDo Fitness (CDF) v1

Which case should I write?

If you are a new writer in 2022, then you will write the case that you learned in Capstone 1, which is Creative Toys Incorporated (CTI) v1 for May 2022 and CanDo Fitness (CDF) v1 for September 2022.

If you are a repeat writer from the September 2021 CFE, and you decided to write the May 2022 exam, you will learn and write a new case Creative Toys Incorporated (CTI) v1. If you decided to write the September 2022 exam, you will write the Waste Disposal Incorporated (WDI) v3.

Before writing the Day 1 case in the coming CFE, make sure you practice with mock exam cases and are well-prepared.

Want to pass the CPA CFE exam?

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