What’s different about Gevorg, CPA CFE coaching program?

I offer a personalized CFE coaching program based on Honour Roll strategies. My candidates achieve overall 90%+ pass rate on the CFE. Here is a quick comparison:

Features Gevorg, CPA CFE course Other providers
Case marking
Access until you pass
Supplemental cases
Day 1 case marking*
Flexible marking schedule
Weekly live coaching sessions*
Free access to CPA SpeedType™ time management and case typing training tool
Free 1-on-1 coaching
Clever memory aids
Engaging video lessons
Honour Roll student technical interviews
Private WhatsApp group for support
T2202 issued to use as tax credits*
CPA PER coaching program discounts
Featured in national news

*Some but not all CFE coaching providers offer Day 1 marking and weekly live sessions. Some providers offer 1-on-1 coaching through mentors or instructors who may not be subject-matter experts.  T2202 certification is not issued by all providers. The information in this table is based on the information made available on competitor websites.

Student Reviews and Testimonials

Student reviews and testimonials of my CPA courses are available at Reviews page.

Course preview and details

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