CFE Results | Where To Find Results & Next Steps if You Failed

CPA Canada releases Common Final Exam (CFE) results in late-November or early December (for September CFEs) and August (for May CFEs). Find out if you passed using the links below:

Honour Roll

The list of CFE Honour Roll candidates will be made available at the link below:

How to Read the Transcripts

You will receive Day 1 and Days 2/3 transcripts.

The Day 1 transcript will have “Pass” or “Fail” only.





The Days 2/3 transcript will have 4 levels of assessment:

  • Level 1: Sufficiency – The combined number of Cs and RCs.
  • Level 2: Depth in FR or MA – The combined number of Cs in FR or MA
  • Level 3: Depth in Role – The number of Cs in your role (Day 2 only)
  • Level 4: Breadth – The minimum number of Cs and RCs in all competencies

The transcript will show pass or fail at each of the levels. Only Level 1 will show sufficiency grouping from 1-10 (1 means you were close to passing, 10 means you were far).

What to Do if You Failed

Day 1 and Days 2/3 are assessed and graded separately. For example, you can pass Day 1, but fail Days 2/3. Similarly, you can pass Days 2/3 ,but fail Day 1.

If you were unsuccessful at any of the CFE days, you can:

  • Option #1: Request review and re-marking
  • Option #2: Purchase Performance Analysis Report (PAR)
  • Option #3: Retake the next exam

#1) Review and re-marking will have your exam re-marked by a senior marker. There are specific deadlines and fees for application. About 8% of candidates request re-marking and only ~1% of them are successful. Read if CFE results are worth appealing here.

#2) Performance analysis report (PAR) is available for Day 1, Days 2/3, or all days. There are specific fees for each type of PAR report.

#3) Before retaking the next exam, make sure you fully understand your transcript and the reasons you failed.

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